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Animal training

Training is a vital part of any animal's development. As an experienced animal trainer Loni knows that creating a positive experience of training for animal and trainer alike is vital for long lasting success. 


Using positive training methods doesn't mean being broadly permissive it means that as a trainer you can:


  • Make training a positive experience for the animal

  • Motivate the animal to want to participate

  • Set clear boundaries without use of force

  • Allow the animal to express a range of behaviours and avoid frustration

  • Enhance learning


The training Loni carries out can be broadly divided into three pathways:


  • Initial training and socialisation

    • Training for puppies and young horses 

    • Teaching basic appropriate responses to cues such as sit, stay, recall for dogs; early lead rein work, stable manners and introduction to new situations such as transport for horses

    • Appropriate socialisation for young animals at key times in their development

  • Lifelong training

    • Further training for adolescent and adult dogs

    • Further groundwork and ridden schooling for horses

  • Remedial training

    • For training problems

    • As part of a behaviour modification plan

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