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Behaviour consultation

Behaviour consultations are undertaken through a veterinary referral process. If you would like a behaviour consultation please download the referral form on our home page, arrange a veterinary consultation with your vet and ask for a referral using the form and our contact details. For all consultations please download the relevant animal behaviour questionnaire and return the completed form to us along with your veterinary referral to secure an appointment booking. 

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Horse behaviour


Horses perform lots of different behaviours every day, some of them are natural behaviours and some of them are learnt ones. I have seen hundreds of equine cases covering variety of behavioural issues including:


  • Handling problems (including problems with leading, grooming, tacking up, husbandry procedures)

  • Loading problems (horseboxes, trailers, starting stalls, treadmills and so on)

  • Aggression problems (to humans, other horses and other species)

  • Repetitive behaviour (including wind sucking, crib biting, weaving, box walking, rug eating, fence walking, wood chewing and so on)

Dog behaviour


Our dogs are an integral part of our lives and are involved in many daily activities, sometimes they come across events that they find difficult to understand or cope with and behave in an unusual or unwanted way. I see all breeds of dogs, working and pet for a wide range of behaviour issues including:


  • Aggression (to other familiar dogs, to unfamiliar dogs, to familiar humans and unfamiliar humans as well as to familiar and unfamiliar animals of other species)

  • Separation anxiety and attachement issues (including attention seeking)

  • Fears and phobias (such as livestock, vehicles, fireworks and gunshot)

  • Repetitive behaviours such as tail chasing, repetitive barking, licking and staring.

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Cat behaviour


Sometimes our cats domestic environments and lifestyles clash with their natural instincts and problems can arise. I see cats for problems such as:


  • Housesoiling 

  • Destructive behaviour

  • Repetative behaviour (such as persistant licking, over-grooming)

  • Aggression to humans and other animals within and outside of the home

  • Fears and phobias (such as fear of people, new objects, going outside)

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