What happens at a behaviour consultation?

Following your initial telephone or email contact with Loni there are a series of steps leading through the consultation process:


1. Together you book an appointment* at a time to suit you; appointments may be during the day, on an evening or a weekend


2. Loni asks you to download my referral form and ask your vet to complete it, you can then return it to her by post or email


3. Loni asks you to fill in the appropriate behaviour questionnaire for your animal and return it to her at least 24 hours before your consultation


4. Loni visits you and your animal in your home or stable environment to discuss the problem in full and observe your pet in situ. Some consultations will require travel to a place associated with the problem such as a local park or ridng arena


5. Loni provides some training or changes to the environment during the initial consultation


6. Loni coordinates information from your referring veterinary surgeon, behavioural questionnaire and observation at the consultation to explain the behvioural problem and why it is occuring


7. Following the consultation Loni will write a personalised report and behaviour modification plan tailored to you and your pet; these will clarify all the points made in the consultation and provide you with a step by step programme to change the problem behaviours


8. Loni will send a copy to your veterinary surgeon and any other paraprofessionals involved with your pet and engage in discussion with them as required


9. Loni will contact you at an agreed time via email or telephone to discuss your progress and provide support for all involved


10. Further follow up visits for animal training or coaching may be arranged seperately if desired 


* Appointments are subject to a non-refundable deposit of £50 payable at the time of booking. Receipt of this deposit secures your booking.